2024 Growth Report

Have you had a chance to check out the 2024 Disc Golf Growth Report? If you haven’t, here’s your friendly reminder to get on that! Were you surprised by anything in there? Let us know in the comments :slight_smile:


My favorite feature was the interactive globe that had the location of every course, with play counts for each course for the past 5 years. The play count by year by course info was very interesting - eg, you can see which courses are gaining in popularity and which are falling. Interestingly, in my state (CT), although overall plays have been increasing, about 1/3 of the courses had fewer plays in 2023 than in 2022. It would be nice if these kinds of stats (play count by year for each course) was more easily accessible.


Yesss! I loved the interactive maps as well! If you were able to see play counts for individual courses as you suggested, where would you expect to see those stats? Best, Team UDisc

Maybe add a menu item to the Resources menu for “Course Stats” or just “Statistics”, which would give access (by csv download or, better yet, SQL query (with csv download of query results)) to year by year data for each course, including the course description/characteristics fields (including state and country), but also ratings, Global Average Hole Score for each layout, play count, and unique players. I’ve created some spreadsheets with this info on it for courses in Connecticut, but I currently have to go to the page for each course, or, in the case of the play counts, the interactive globe, to get the data and manually copy it. It would be nice to have the stats more readily available.

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