Accounting for lost discs in UDisc

Hello… been playing for 9 months and I am a huge fan of this app, thanks! I enjoy using the feature that lets me keep an up to date list of my disc collection, but it currently doesn’t have any way I can find to allow for lost discs. It doesn’t seem like you can delete a disc from the list once you’ve entered it which would be nice,. Even better IMO would be the ability to move a disc into a ‘Lost’ category… Maybe something similar to ‘In Bag’… in hopes of the disc being returned someday.

Just a thought.
Thanks again!


Hi Rich, Thanks for the feedback. Have a “Lost” category isn’t something available right now but perhaps in the future it’ll be an option. However, you are able to delete a disc - just long press on the disc you want to get rid of and an option will pop up to delete it! Have more questions? Let us know at