Adding a player

Since the last update, we seem to no longer have the option to add a member to a league event. If a new player shows up to play a local league it won’t allow us to add the player…hopefully this hasn’t turned into a you have to purchase a UDisc in order to play disc golf thing.

Hey Josh! A UDisc account has always been required to play in a league on UDisc. Not to worry though, a paid subscription is not required. A free account is all you need! If a player shows up that doesn’t yet have a UDisc account, they can create a totally free account at Sign up | UDisc and then join any league or event.

You are correct that it used to be possible to create accounts for new players in the league tools themselves, but for technical and privacy reasons that is no longer supported.

Please note however, they don’t have to download the app if they don’t wish, simply visit Sign up | UDisc and they can create a free account with their email address.