Adding wind direction and intensity per hole - dream feature

Just thought this could be very useful as we tend to play in any weather all year round.
If this dream feature was available there would be less surprises when throwing.
I know this might not suit everyone as most go with the flow or don’t play in high winds as we do.
More of a challenge and most times it feels like we own the course…no one else in sight.


I work and play outside, so I have a few weather apps on my phone and a couple of detailed webpages that I check. They often report differing conditions, especially since the pandemic. I can’t imagine UDisc having access to better data than those national and global services. So the information provided might be less reliable than just learning to read the wind, which, by the way, I consider a skill of the game.

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Thanks Matt
It was a dream…we play on a course that is open one hole and sheltered at the next…just thought it would fun to know in advance what to expect.
Another dream idea for app: disc selection - log in all discs in bag…everybody will have expert knowledge and it could be fun as every throw would still depend on technique.

While I think a feature like real-time wind speed is truly a dream, it should be something UDisc should think about adding as something you can practice/train for in the app. Just general wind guidance for putting in/behind and left/right cross-wind would be a great start.

I could see eventually if you did have real-time wind the app could tell you how much to adjust your target when putting/driving and even show some cool augmented reality when you hold up your phone and point it towards the basket.

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Yes well put Michael…it wouldn’t be considered cheating just for reference as l know my favourite course has many different climates on some holes so depending on where or how far you throw your disc the wind varies.