All time leaderboards have multiple scores of the same player


The udisc leaderboards are a great fun way to keep track of your score in relation to other players. Always fun to move up a few spots. However the all time leaderboards are littered with multiple scores from the same local players so there is no room for other players on the all time leaderboard. Would it not be fantastic to have only your best ever score on the all time leaderboard so it becomes representative for your ranking on that specific course ?


I feel like the leaderboards are due an overhaul. I don’t feel like many experienced players put much weight on them, but I appreciate that newer players may treat them as the official records or their equivalent. It is very simple to spam these leaderboards with incorrect scores, accidentally or otherwise. Or they are just generally misleading as the layouts in UDisc don’t properly communicate OB, Mandos, DZs etc that may influence the accuracy of a visitor’s score.

However, I agree that there could be a filter to exclude multiple entries. Some may debate whether that should be the default filter or not for the all time boards. Maybe there could be an indicator showing how many times someone has achieved such a high score?

Totally agree, the leaderboards were never a bragging board to start with. So one post best score makes sense.

All great ideas here; thank you all for contributing! I did want to mention re: ‘layouts communicating OB, Mandos, DZs’ that Course Ambassadors can now add holes notes in both Map Manager and Smart Layouts. Below are screenshots of where you might add these.

In Map Manager:

In Smart Layouts:

Hope you all have had a chance to try these out!

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Just wanted to follow-up here to let you know that leaderboards will no longer show multiple entries for any player. Leaderboards have now updated to only show each player’s best score, instead of every top score ever achieved. This change makes more space for all players, because we all know making it onto the leaderboard is making it big-time!