Allow Recurring Events For Week-Long Flex Starts

I run multiple week-long flex starts where you can play any time of day, any day of the week. I run events every week and I want to be able to schedule everything ahead of time. I want to be able to do this for any type of event. I believe I’m only able to schedule recurring events that are only on a single day of the week, but not week long flex.

To go even further, it would be awesome to be able to have it generate events with certain layouts in a rotation. For example, one of the courses has 4 different layouts and I have to manually create each event weekly, and choose the layout I want.

It would also be cool if it could save a template for the starting time, ending time, and layout so when manually creating an event I don’t have to enter this information in each time. When setting up like 12 or so leagues each week this manual entering of data is very time consuming and slow b/c the website isn’t exactly well organized or fast.

Being able to schedule all the events ahead of time would make my life soooo much easier.

Hi Brian, Thanks for contributing to the community! This isn’t something that we have available at this time, but it could be in the future. I’ve made sure to add this to the running list of ideas from Members though, so we don’t lose track of it. Have an awesome weekend! Best, Team UDisc