Beta feature: Round Ratings

Now that this feature of round ratings (0-300+) after you complete a smart layout’s round is in beta, can we get a trend line for each of the rated rounds played?

I would like to know how the rounds shape up between divisions.
210 round to 50+ would be amazing but a 210 round for MA2 would be ok.

Now that it’s officially released, I would like League Administrators to be able to see round ratings of non-pro users league rounds. Could help with moving players in to proper divisions based upon their round ratings.

Is there a way to show avg rating between all rounds to give me a rating tied to myself rather than just rounds?

I just played my first round with the round rating. I am quite excited for this feature. Sure, I would’ve liked a similar 1000 based system, but I’ve read the materials and I understand the choice.

As a previous user also noted, I would also love to see a cumulative average for my round rating and a trendline. This might require the ability for a user to exclude certain rounds (a Cali for example). As noted, a rating is only for the way a player chooses to play.

The second feature I would like to see is a predicted score at each course based on my cumulative round rating. Not only would it give me something to shoot for, it would allow competitive play between players of different skill levels (player 1 is predicted to be +2 and player 2 is predicted to be -3…they agree on 5 strokes or whatever for the round).

Looking forward to having more experience with the new feature. Thank you!

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