Better Statistics

Hi I’ve been using Udisc for while, and really like the app. One of the benifits of using an app, in contrast to regular paper cards, is the better statistics. I really like how you can see some stats, how well you scored on different holes and courses. But as I think it’s, I also find it a bit lacking in terms of statistics you can see.

One feature I’d love to see is to be able to see overall stats for a hole or a course. So you can compare yourself with “the world”. A lot of other types of activities and apps has this type of feature where you can compare your score, to everyone else score. To see how well you’re doing. But I can’t seem to find such feature on Udisc. It would be a bit interessting to see what % have scored par for example on a particular hole. Or how good the average score is on a particular course.

The second feature would be to be able to see stats from different time periods. If you have been playing for a while you’ll get better. But if you played some courses when you were beginner, those courses will count and affect the general score/stats you have on a course. So if you gone from scoring double boogie as a standard to scoring par as a standard on a hole. Those double boogies will still be counted in the stats and drag down the general score you have on hole. They can also give you a scewed picture of your average throws on a hole as a lot of earlier throws will still count. A solution would be to be able to see your score in different time periods or seasons, maybe have it so you can see yearly, quarterly or monthly score. That way you could also see your improvemnt if you went from having let’s say an average of 6 throws on a par 4 to 4 throws. It would be really handy.


Hi. You can filter your stats by time ranges on the profile tab. But you are correct that such a filter is missing on the scoring spread per hole. I can appreciate how that might be nice.

Regarding global data, if UDisc could filter such averages and scoring spread by ability, then those insights would be much more interesting to course ambassadors and event directors.

What would be also nice, is a notification after a league or tournament event that summarises such data. Similar to what the commentators might share on pro coverage.

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The problem with the current system is evident if you play at a course that has multiple tee boxes and you regularly play from different tee boxes. So, I can currently filter my stats for the course overall, but can’t just look at how I have done recently from just the short tees and from just the long tees.

Different tees should be separate layouts; so you can see your stats based on each layout (and this is already a feature)

We need a better way to refer to the different statistics available in the app.

When viewing a Course, a ‘My stats’ tab brings up your scoring distributions for each layout. Including your round scores over time and your birdie/par/bogey spread on individual holes.

When viewing your Profile, a ‘My stats’ section displays your game stats regardless of course and filterable by time. These include your overall par/birdie/bogey spread as well as your percentages such as C1X putting, GIR C2, etc.

Labelling them both ‘My stats’ seems to be unhelpful for people discussing how to use them.

I get that, but you can’t filter the stats for certain time periods, such as over the past week, past month, year to date, etc. I can only see my overall stats for the short tees and my overall stats for the long tees. I’ve only been playing for 2 years. I’d like to look at my recent numbers and not my overall numbers that take into account when I just started playing.

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