C1 Scoring: Enable 0-11, 11-22, and 22-33ft tracking of EVERY stroke inside C1

Whenever my disc lands inside C1, I would like to be able to select the exact distance from the basket instead of a generic C1.

This would enable stat tracking of missed putts and, certainly, other interesting tidbits about how a person plays inside the circle

This idea extends to C2 as well!

Hi, if you use map scoring, you can select the exact location of your upshot etc. Well I think you still can, I stopped using that feature as I prefer the normal way to track stats.

Thanks for the feedback here! Matt is correct, if you’d like more detailed scoring on your rounds, you could consider using the map. Holding down in the location of your disc, or walking to your disc and tapping ‘Add Throw’ will mark the exact location of your throw. This will then show you more exact distances for your putt, and allow you to track missed putts more easily.


I’ve asked for this feature as well! While map scoring is possible, it’s not my favorite feature bc it takes more time, and I have to stop at each shot to record my throw.

I was thinking that folks that want to record a missed putt could do so via enabling the feature under a scoring setting, and then as you would normally score a hole, you have one extra tap whenever you’re inside c2:

1st shot: On fairway > 2nd shot: c2 | long, mid or short > 3rd shot: in the basket > done

1st shot: On fairway > 2nd shot: c2 | long, mid or short > 3rd shot: C1 | long, mid, short > 4th shot: C1 | long, mid, short > 5th shot: in the basket | long, mid, short > done

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I don’t mind the idea of having missed putt distances as an optional setting. However, surely it would need to go out to the edge of circle two. Then the stat can help people know when they should start to consider laying-up.

Which brings me full circle to not needing the setting, as lay-ups are for basketball, right?! :laughing:

Depends on how good you are at cleaning up those rebounds! :rofl::rofl:

Thanks for all of the feedback!

FWIW, I’m a developer and am thinking of things from that pov.

I have tried the GPS scoring but being in the woods makes everything too inaccurate inside C1. I end up having to spend more time trying to get an accurate reading or editing it manually. I also prefer the After Throw scoring mode.

Stats aside, I think being able to choose between having C1/C2 distances available on the score entry dialog directly will enable more features that UDisc isn’t currently considering.

From a data perspective, grouping specific C1-A, C1-B, C1-C, C2-A, C2-B, C2-C scores into generic C1/C2 ranges can easily be done. The other way around is not as easy. Having more scoring ranges available to the user and grouping them into their “parent” ranges for stats collections will open the door for more scoring patterns in the future. It will also be backwards compatible for how the app works now. It will not limit existing functionality. It will open up more future functionality and allow the app to grow more organically