Can there be a feature to have a "guest" play in an event?

In our weekly mini in College Station, we regularly have new players come out who don’t have a UDisc account (there’s a lot of college kids in College Station… who knew?). Could we add a way to put a “guest” player in an event in the same way you would make a “guest” for a casual game where you just put in a first name and don’t keep any long term stats?


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for contributing to the new community! All players in a league must have a UDisc account. However, the free version works just fine, and there is a simple way to create one for them on the fly, as long as they are willing to choose a username and provide their email address.

On the league event page, if you tap PlayersAdd new playerCreate new account, you will be prompted to enter a username for them, their email address, and their full name. Once completed, tapping Create account will automatically create a new UDisc account for them and check them in for your league event.

If they make note of their username, they can use it to check in for any other leagues or events down the road. They aren’t necessarily required to download the app and login, or create their own account separately.

I’d just add a vote (if you will) to allow for event organizers to put in ‘guest’ accounts for tournaments. It would be extremely useful. After all, you don’t want an event of 72 people to in the end not be able to be run on UDisc, just because 1 person adamantly won’t sign up for an account. Afterall, UDisc supports guests in the app when normally making cards. Why not for events?


I would like to add a +1 for tournament directors to add a guest to an event. We put on a lot of events that include juniors, and those juniors rarely have their own uDisc account (and we can’t create them an account because the kids are too young to own phones, nor do they have emails) – their parents caddy and can keep score, but after the event I have to do a lot of manual work to figure out where these kids fit in the results. Please please please let us add guests!

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Agree that this would be helpful for a variety of use-cases. We are planning to add support for guests/players without accounts in events. We started along this path with support for teams to have only a single account and one or more guest players and this groundwork will allow us to expand it to singles events as well.

No specific timeline at the moment, but more on the near-term side of things.


Another added vote for this idea. I’m running a church league with many beginners/juniors and right now it’s just impractical to use uDisc leagues. About half our participants don’t have a uDisc account and I would have to create many new accounts which wouldn’t justify the effort.