Can we add Course Videos?

Disc Golf Course Review and Disc Golf Scene both have ways to link YouTube videos to a course. UDisc is the go to score keeping app and way to find courses in an area. It would be nice to see all the resources available for that course. Maybe a way to link videos?

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Hi Mark,

This isn’t currently on our roadmap but is a great idea. We have helped provide links to verified videos within the Course Details page. If you have any videos you’d like to see linked, please email us at with the video link(s) and course name(s).

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Hi Jenn,

I am in the process of getting drone shots made of each Tee to basket flight.
I will look at having QR codes on each tee sign but it would be nice to have these clickable in the UDisc app somehow as well.

Can I do the same and email help when these have been created ??



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Hey Chris, sorry for the delay. Yes, please do!