Can we have multiple layouts in the same league event?

When hosting an event in the league that I help run, I can only pick one course layout for all divisions. It would be nice if I could pick one layout (blue tees) for one division (MPO) and a different layout (red tees) for a different division (MA3). Does anyone have any idea if this is in the works or if there’s a way to do this other than making multiple events?


Hi Tyler! Thanks for adding to the community. At this time, there is no way to assign a unique layout for each division. As you mentioned, creating multiple events is a great option. Really appreciate you writing in and know we love hearing these ideas, so please keep them coming!

I am also having this issue. Since it has been nearly a year since this was last discussed, has this feature been added?
I don’t want to create multiple events and flood the lists/searches out there if It can be avoided.

Yes, this is rolling out with our new leagues functionality in the coming weeks. If you’d like we can opt-in your league now though.

Functionally, this is using pools so Pool A plays one layout and Pool B plays another layout.

Important to note: this does not mean that players from both pools can play on the same card as has been requested in other threads (Dad Plays long T's, Wife plays mid T's, kid's play short T's ((But to keep score with Disc?))).

I would LOVE that.
World Championship Wednesday at Addison Oaks in Leonard, MI.
How many pools are available? I need up to 3 please!

Ya, you can have as many pools as you want.

Looks like we already go you on the new League tools!

In order to add pools though, you have to convert the event from “standard” to a “custom” event. This will unlock all of the tooling in Event Tools so you can add pools and set up various rounds with different layout. At the moment, you must do this for each event as we don’t support the weekly recurrence for these complex setups.

Hit that “Make this a custom event” link then confirm here:|

I would love to be opted in as well please

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This worked out great and I am able to apply it to my events.
I have 3 separate pools for 3 separate divisions for 3 separate layouts.
So far the only problem I am having is that people cannot make cards in one of the pools.
My AM pool has been able to make cards on their own. For 2 weeks now my PRO pool has not. This week I was able to manually make cards for them and things worked. They were only able to check in, but not create cards.
Am I missing something that needs to be selected?
I believe my AM pool is the original one, and my PRO pool is an added one if that matters.

Great to here you were able to make it work.

Sounds like something might not be right with the other pools, but probably a bug on our end rather than something you are missing. We’ll look into it.