Converting a layout that includes "non-base" holes to a smart layout

I was recently converting courses into smart layouts at a local course and ran into an issue. The course in question is Liberty Park Disc Golf in Batesville, IN Liberty Park Disc Golf Course - Batesville, IN | UDisc Disc Golf Course Directory

Recently, the course was expanded to 18 holes, but the back 9 was built around 300 yards from the front 9. Due to this the back 9 was added to UDisc as a separate course (Liberty Woods). However, one of the most popular layout to choose is the full 18 layout listed in Liberty Park. You play the front 9, then go across the park for the back 9. Unfortunately, when I went to convert this layout I ran into an issue selecting a Base Hole. Because the Liberty Park layout is officially a 9 hole layout on UDisc, it only lets me select baskets 1-9 as the base holes. The 18 hole layout is mapped correctly, it just isn’t a Smart Layout.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Hi Joshua, thanks for your thoughtful question. We can absolutely help with this. The issue you are having is that those additional elements don’t exist on your Map Manager in any way, so won’t be available for use on a Smart Layout. We can help by getting thos elements added to the Map Manager for you so that a Smart Layout is possible. I will work on getting that imported, and let you know once it’s complete.


I think I may need help with something similar creating a smart layout that includes 9 holes from 1 smart layout with 9 holes from another smart layout. The two courses that we’ve created a combined layout are Kayak Point DGR - Gold and Kayak Point DGR - Blue, but it’s not just front 9 of one and back 9 of another… It’s more intertwined.

Hi @andyjaynes, if you’ll reach out to us at with all the relevant information, we will look into it and see if it’s something we can help with creating! :smiley: