Course average based on a timeframe

Is there a way to see what your average has been on a course/layout “this year” or over some time frame… my friends and I would like to know our handicaps so we can compete against each other using those.


Hi George! Welcome to the community! From a course page, you can tap on ‘My Stats’ and see your averages for the layouts played there. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to filter those stats, but you will see your all time average and your best score shown there.

Yes, thanks. That is helpful in some circumstances but as the majority of Udisc users are novice and improving quite a bit it would be helpful to use a more recent set of data for handicap. I have hundreds of rounds over several years so for me things probably average out… but I have a couple friend who are much better this year than last so thier averages over the longer period aren’t useful for handicapping.


Just curious question: How do you calculate the handicap?
It would be nice feature in UDisc…

I haven’t thought deeply about it but it seems to me it’s just your average on the course relative to par maybe get fancy and throw out anything outside 2 sigma or so. It’s a standard concept in ball golf… but it’s more complicated there because they try to generalize it to any course. For us, since we have course specific data it seems like it would be easy to add a calc with just that data. Maybe a minimum of three rounds.

This raises another thought, our player rating might be able to serve this function (for players who have pro), but it only does that if we get an average rating over a time, because then we could compare our current round to our average over time, but we’d still need to be able to specify the timeframe for the average or we have the same problem as my example below.

My example: So I have two friends I estimate this year they average +8 and +2 on our local course and I average even, I’d love to know rather than guess so we could have another level of competition rather than just head to head. But since they’ve both gotten a lot better recently I’m guessing the average that Udisc shows over all time is something like +12 and +6, my lifetime average on the course shows +3…

If your concern is a rating lag, please consider that this is apparent in the PDGA ratings for improving players as they use an average. They do try to account for this by weighting the most recent rounds more heavily in their calculation. They also exclude poor rounds that deviate too far from the average.

By distinguishing the UDisc round ratings from PDGA player ratings, it is clear (in my opinion) that UDisc are trying to be sensitive towards what is a major income stream for the PDGA.

The current sanctioned ratings are mostly used to clarify amateur divisions. They are also used on the pro scene when considering Pro Tour Cards and some events may stagger registration windows by rating to favour higher rated competitors.

However, that is all quite different from a handicap system, which would be a fantastic use case for UDisc’s ratings and one that doesn’t encroach on the PDGA’s funding stream.

Edit: tired-me just realised that this discussion was about scoring averages rather than ratings, so excuse the rant, but as we are both considering the value of UDisc calculating handicaps, I’ll leave it up.