Course ratings accuracy needs improvement

Alot of courses in my opinion are either rated to low or too high and gives players misleading and inaccurate information for alot of courses. When designing a course Saftey for players and non players should be #1. Ive played alot of courses that have blind or dangerous shots where pedestrian traffic comes into play and increases the potential for someone getting hurt or seriously injured. I recently played a course based on ratings and reviews and almost every shot was dangerous and very risky with throwing over walking paths and non player pedestrian traffic as well as danger for players getting hit walking to the next tee. Unbelievably the course was rated a 3.7 and was no where close to that rating. 2.0 at best. But ratings from new and non experienced players protrayed info and opinions of the course being very good but in reality was very poor.In my opinion courses should only be rated by players with a min of 10 courses played and 1 yr of playing to rate a course accurately and make ratings better for all players new or pro level experience. You wouldnt want a mechanic with 6mos experience working on your brand new 50k car would you? Or giving you advise and expertise in something they lack knowledge and experience in would you?

Thanks for expanding on your position on this, @discstroy! Ratings in the app are weighted to account for geographical tendencies and player experience (e.g., # of courses played). Obviously everyone’s rating carries different meaning based on their experience and perspective, but this does help ensure that ratings are distributed and don’t heavily rely on one really low or really high rating.

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