Course ratings should show recent first

Currently shows my rating and description first. Then defaults to recommended. Must then select recent. Would prefer to have recent as the default choice.

Hi Darrel, can you give me a bit more information here? What screen are you referring to this sort being on? :smiley:

Hi, Markell

For example, when I go to my home course, West Fork Disc Golf Course, I scroll down the course overview to Ratings. This shows the various categories such as Upkeep, Tee areas, and such, with a numerical rating for each. It then shows at the bottom of that list my rating, listed as “You”. Immediately below that are two boxes: Rate Course and Show All. When I open Show All, the next screen displays: 3360 ratings with a 4.2 level. Immediately below on the next line it shows “100 reviews”. On that same line is shown an up/down arrow, and the default category “Recommended”. I can use the arrows to select “Action Menu” with alternate categories: “Most recent”, “Most helpful”, “Reviewer experience”.
I would prefer the default category to be “Most Recent” rather than “Recommended”.

Hope this helps
Darrel Quick

Thanks so much for the explanation Darrel. I see now exactly what you are referring to. I will pass this feedback along to the team! :slight_smile:

I concur - reviews from two months ago don’t really help I would much rather see the most current ones first and then work back in time .

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I quite like that it tries to put to put the most recommended reviews first. I would rather see a review comment that is well liked rather than the most recent ones that might just say “It was windy today” or whatever.