Create random groups for a league

It would be handy for there to be a ‘create cards’ option once everyone has checked in. I want to get away from having to flip or decided groups.

Also, an option to set it for different group sizes would be nice :slight_smile:


This would be great. It gets annoying when I have to correct scorecards manually after the fact, especially from the phone. We always shout out a reminder to create your own scorecard but people still got it wrong. Especially at doubles. Sometimes it looks like there are three Calis but actually some people just got missed off. And by the time I edit them it’s usually too late to find out the username of the missing people.

Also, if we could assign names to an A and B pool before it creates teams and cards, that would be brilliant.

@pilotwhoknits Thanks for the feedback here. Though this is not possible for Leagues, this is something you can set-up within an Event and UDisc Events is now Live!

In terms of creating A and B pool, we don’t currently support pools playing different layouts but Divisions might be a great option in the meantime. This article has some more information about setting these up for your League.

Thanks for the reply Jenn. When referring to A & B pools I was thinking of a doubles league format.

Currently everyone pays in, then we arrange by ability (PB or rating or reputation whatever). We split in the middle to form an A and a B pool. We then deal out enough playing cards and split them between the two groups. Then for example whoever gets the red Aces will pair together and then start on hole 1 with the pair that got the black aces. That takes quite a bit of faffing about as you never know numbers under you start. You need to do all of that before someone on the card can create a score card in UDisc as they need to know their partner, card mates, and starting hole.

It would be great if everyone could check-in to UDisc. Then as the admin, I could quickly label them A or B, and then click a randomiser function that would create random pairs, assign a starting hole, and create the scorecard for them (notifying them in the process).

Typing that out, reveals that there’s quite a lot to it.

I couldn’t find a work around using divisions or in the link you shared, so I presume there was a misunderstanding. Thanks again.

I would also love auto created cards during league play. We run the league primarily as a social event to get players to meet new players. It would be awesome if there was an option for the grouping mechanism to try to create cards with players that haven’t played with each other before (or have as few shared rounds as possible).

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Thanks Jenn, I am aware that it is not possible that is why I tagged it with a ‘new feature’ request.

A simple button to randomize the people signed in would be easy to implement, especially if you already have it in other places.

This is a great idea. One of our weekly club sessions is supposed to be more social and encourage mixing. But if there isn’t a core volunteer present then people tend to stick to their cliques. If your suggestion was built into UDisc scoring then it would be more likely to always happen (and also a gateway for new players onto the UDisc platform).

Such a feature would also be a fun algorithmic challenge for a developer :slight_smile: How to create cards with the smallest amount of shared rounds between the players on each cards.