Customizing Date/ Round Sorting for Stats

I analyze my progression in the sport through the data that we can input. I would like to be able to customize the data a little better to be able to find out if/where I am seeing improvement/regression in my game. For example, comparing last 3 months to previous three months. To be able to see +10% circle one hit off tee or -27% C1X would allow me to use the data to improve my game. Currently, there is last 10, last 20, and year. For someone, like me, that plays almost everyday, it really doesn’t help me use the stats to improve.
Additionally, by customizing the sort, you could also eliminate courses that you play that really shouldn’t be in the data mix.(short par 3 courses, etc.) To check off courses in the data set, you can get a more accurate gauge of improvement on competitive courses.
We all want to keep track of where we play and currently UDISC does a great job with this. However, for UDISC to become a true tool for competitive players, this area of the app needs to get more technical.
As a PGA Professional, there are dozens of programs that you can use for traditional golf to get stats like this. It might be worth looking into how they are doing it to take it to the next level.
UDISC has a great opportunity to hold on to this area of the market since you were the first here. Useful data to your customers will keep you there.

Thanks for your help on this,


Hi @wannagopro.

When creating a scorecard there is the option to exclude the round from stats. That might help you filter out those easy tracks.

Can you do this after the fact? Sometimes I play with a group that makes a card with me on it and I would like to keep it in my records (it’s better than trying to remember where I played Jun 2nd) But for getting better accuracy on playing full courses (like Nevin or Hornets Nest here in Charlotte) it would help me truly see what my CIR1, driving accuracy, GIR stats are.

If you edit a scorecard, then tap on the 3-line menu, you have the option to turn off ‘Round included in profile stats.’ This can be done anytime, so doesn’t need to happen at scorecard creation.