Dad Plays long T's, Wife plays mid T's, kid's play short T's ((But to keep score with Disc?))

I have a Family of 6, not all have phones, but we all play together and friends come out as well. I haven’t seen this on U-Disc yet, but if is…
The kids play from short T’s, the guys playing from Long T’s and the ladies play from mid T’s but we are all walking around as one group. Or you are out playing with your kids, and you are throwing from the long T’s and the kids from the short T’s and you wanting to stay on the same card as group. Or maybe you are out playing with a group of guys girls mixed and you want to keep score on one card, but guys are playing long T’s and the girls are playing the short T’s. It would be great to be able have the option of marking T selection options for each individual player. Does U-DIsc have that or is that a dream function? Just an Idea. Love to hear other’s input on this.


Some others have requested this as well.


My wife and l play off the full tees and she is the only one of us to hit an ace.
Your first shot isn’t as important as the last unless you can ace it.
We see heaps of families on our course, often the youngsters throw better as they have less expectation and are fearless putters.
Udisc probably knows the distances envolved by where you start so the number of throws should recorded and realise the longer distance might require an extra throw…there’s the challenge to get a birdie on most holes.
The others might appear to have an advantage, but your average should be on par or better.
In the end you are playing against yourself to improve and in doing that everyone can enjoy themselves trying to do the same.
Personal best not always who is the best.

I also would use this feature if it existed, as my wife and I play different tees depending on the day and course and how much time we have!

Giving a big +1 to this. It would be such a great feature to allow mixed-layouts on the same card. Especially for some of these kinds of situation, and it (was? haven’t played ball golf in a long time) a common thing in ball-golf, where on a card people of different skills/abilities/strengths would play from different T’s, sometimes just because they wanted to, sometimes to kinda ‘even’ the playing field when playing for fun. So the better-more-pro person could be playing from longer tee’s. Especially to even up the field when some people just don’t have the distance, and a 300’ Par 3 becomes a Par 4 for them, but that 220’ short pad is perfect.