Display hole distance on Android Watches

I saw you’ve added the hole distance to Apple watches but haven’t on Android. This in addition to displaying real-time distance to the hole is the single most important improvement you could add to the watch app because it would eliminate the need for users to take out their phone while playing.

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I have a Google Pixel watch and it displays the hole distance on my watch when scoring a round. Maybe it is different for different brands, but definitely does appear on mine.

Does your pixel watch show your current distance to the pin? or the overall distance from teepad to pin?

The Apple watch updates as you walk to the current distance to the pin, but I’m not sure if WearOS does that.

I honestly have never looked for that update. I don’t think so, as I have noticed that it still has the initial distance listed when I enter my hole score.

I have a Galaxy Active2 and the only hole data displayed is the hole number and par.

In terms of real-time distance to the basket, this would be primarily beneficial to newer players and players who are playing a new/unfamiliar course which should be the main goal of UDisc (introducing new people to the sport and helping them develop their game).

This would be hugely beneficial. My garmin watch for ball golf that displays the distances to the hole and is invaluable when playing a new course.

Thanks for providing valuable feedback here. We have some near-term plans to make improvements to the WearOS watches! :tada:


I had distance to basket on my watch last round I played. Great update!

Up next: Detailed scoring via watch. Please?