Easy way to update inaccurate course info

I often use UDisc on unfamiliar courses to help me navigate to the next tee. On some new courses or those that have been recently updated (moved tees/baskets), it would be nice if there was a way to easily flag an update right on the hole screen within a round, that would allow users to indicate changes without breaking their flow. You could have an approval process or even note alternative user locations on the map somehow.


I have submitted a change twice now on my home course. I even sent in a picture of the tee sign showing the correct length and par.

Some how it reverts back to the shorter incorrect information.

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This is also one of my pet peeves.

I primarily play 2 high profile disc golf courses in the WNY area and 1 course I play frequently moves their baskets between 2 locations and the udisc app is very slow to match the new location. The other course has glaring distance errors both on the udisc app and also on the tee signs. I’m ok with the distance being off 10 or 15ft on a 300 ft hole, but many of these are off by 30-50 ft on a 250-300 ft hole. Really not acceptable. One hole in particular is in the app and on the tee sign as a 371 ft hole. It’s not. It’s between 270 and 275ft. I’ve used a range finder to verify and I’ve been able to reach circle 2 from the tee and my best throws can only reach 250ft.

At the very least, can the app have a small notepad type feature where you can type in info about a particular hole while playing for me own future reference? That way I can “jot down” some notes about each hole. For instance “Hole 16 is 271ft, not 371ft as listed”

Thanks for all the feedback here! Most courses are managed and monitored by Course Ambassadors that are local. However, if you see any course details that are inaccurate, or layouts that don’t match the tee signs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to help@udisc.com and we’ll be happy to help.

If a course has Smart Layouts set up properly, and the basket position hasn’t been updated yet, please keep in mind that on your own scorecard you can select the correct basket by tapping on the orange basket icon in the top right corner.

But feel free to reach out to us anytime we can help!

I think we’re all asking for some amount of trust (but verify) by having a feature to specify changes while playing a round.

This is a fantastic idea. I have several courses near me that need some attention. I don’t want/am not able to become full ambassador, but I’d love to be able to submit changes that go to that course’s ambassadors first for approval or something like that.

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