Editing UDisc league events

I always have trouble editing my existing doubles leagues when I want to change a piece of information. I get an error message. Can someone provide step by step menus to hit to complete edits on existing leagues?

Hi Mick, thanks for contributing to the community. We will be more than happy to help. Can you reach out to us at help@udisc.com and let us know the name of your league and send a screenshot or screen recording of what happens when you try to edit your league event? We can help look into what might be going wrong when you try to make edits.

Mostly I just don’t know the proper menu to look under to edit. I can get to a league event, go to manage, then make changes but when I hit the save league button I get an error that says “UH Oh, something went wrong”.

Are you trying to edit the entire league or a specific event? Were you trying to edit today’s event that is already active? What field were you changing before submitting?

Sometimes I just want to add a comment or change the start time. So I select events, find my event then begin editing. When I try to save I get that message. In the pictures below I selected todays event, went to setup, changed the start time from 4 to 5 pm and then hit update todays event and then got the alarm message.

I was not able to Add all the pictures.

It may be best to communicate with us at help@udisc.com so we can continue troubleshooting the issue with you. I was able to edit your start time on that event with no problems so we will need to dig into it a bit further. Start by logging out of your UDisc account in your mobile browser and then logging back in at UDisc.com. After doing so, try editing your league event, and if you still receive an error, please contact help@udisc.com.