Event player check-in and scorecards

I’m TD’ing a small event this afternoon. How do my players start a scorecard? I have them organized into cards, but I do not know how they begin to keep score. I saw a league tab had a check-in button, but I haven’t seen anything for mine yet. Is this something that pops up within a certain amount of time of tee off?

I tried adding myself to the event just to see if I would see something different.

Do players need a code? There’s nothing in the FAQ about how to check players in. Just how to create the event but nothing about right before and during the event.

Hi Brett! If you have the cards arranged, then their scorecard will automatically show up on their device, and once the round begins they will have the ability to keep score using that scorecard. If you run into issues, or have any questions moving forward, let us know.

Some of my players didn’t have the event show up on their home page. 1 card doesn’t have live scoring working because it didn’t give them the option. Is there a way to get them caught up? I’m not sure how that will affect round 2. I see that I can manually enter their score, but I think I will have this same problem with round 2 if I can’t fix it.

What is the name of your event?

Brett, as long as they were added to the scorecard with their correct username, the card should be showing on their device. They should verify they are on the newest version of UDisc and that they are logged in to their UDisc account. Even if just one user on each card can get it, they can be the one to track the score. Maybe suggest that they log out and back in to their UDisc account. Additionally though, from the Leaderboard tab in the Manage Tools you can edit or add scores if they have scored on a paper scorecard.

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