Exclude events from League Standings

Love all of the new features that UDisc has been adding the past year.

Our club has used a combination of UDisc and Google Sheets to manage league standings for the past 3 years and I was hopeful that I could switch over to UDisc fully this season, but upon further inspection I’m not so sure.

Is the only way to exclude league events from Standings is to use the date start/end format?

Our league runs weekly tags matches AND monthly tournaments. The weeklys are mostly just fun get togethers that don’t factor into standings. I’d love to create Standings for just our monthly tournaments, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for including/excluding specific events from Standings other than the date feature.

Is this true? Or am I missing something?


We’re planning some updates for Leagues for this upcoming season. As part of that, I think we’ll take another look at how standings work and an exclusion ability could definitely make sense. Is that the only thing about standings currently that would prevent switching from Google Sheets?

Without that though, I think making a separate distinct League for the monthlies might make sense as well.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I think the exclusion ability is the biggest issue for our league. I would also like the ability to customize or edit the point system. We have three types of tournaments (Flex, Standard, Major) each with their own value. Near as I can tell UDisc values each league event equally. That would be a dealbreaker given how we run our league.

I love that UDisc has the function to show all league members the league standings at a glance in the UDisc app, but I think we’ll still opt for a Google Sheets run league for the upcoming season given the flexibility in that format.

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