Fair conditions need explanation

Anything less than “good conditions” needs some explanation. Good versus Fair is subjective, of course. Would just like to know why only Fair instead of Good before driving to course.

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Hi @gaffer73, obviously at the moment, there’s a text field where players can note anything relevant to their conditions update. The options also list some suggestions to help people. So you should be able to see what you want to see if the player is being diligent.

What do you have in mind for a practical improvement?

On the course overview page is the area for good/fair/caution conditions. If you choose Good conditions, should be fine to tap Save without adding Additional Details. Would propose that if you choose Fair or Caution, that you cannot tap Save unless you’ve provided Additional Details.


It seems fairly reasonable to require some additional context for Fair/Caution conditions at this point. It would probably be even better to provide some quick-selections for the most common scenarios like muddy or snowy conditions, etc.

Are there any other related ideas to help improve the usefulness of Conditions?


Some courses I play are only enjoyable if the fairways have been mown. An option for ‘overgrown fairways’ or ‘long grass’ etc seems like a common enough problem.

And if we are to believe /r/discgolf, then ‘wedding ceremony’ or ‘photo shoot’ are daily problems! :rofl:

A feature to keep the last explanation by default would be good, so it could show as updated recently, without losing the info.

Also, a way to look at all updates written for the last day or two would help, to check the history, and see if anything has been lost.