Feature Request - Custom throw measure tags LEFT and RIGHT handed

I throw left and right handed but there is no way to measure and log LHBH and RHBH separately.

If you don’t want keep doubling up the list of throw types we could add tags to modify throws.

Eg. Left. Right. Roller. Scoober. Forehand. Wind assisted.
Any others?



This and split the overhand into hammer/tomahawk, thumber, scoober and grenade.

Rather than having to add 20 more metadata tags, just use a comment text field. let the user write their own tag.

Same wish here, been throwing RHBH, RHFH, and LHBH for some time. Sadly the only way to know which hand was used to throw BH is to rely on my memory.

Some sort of boolean flag on the throw should be enough to track the throwing hand and display it in the “throw detail view”.
Then there could be various things that could be built on top of that:

  1. Filter throws by hand
  2. Turn on/off “ambidextrous mode”, which could also determine whether to show/hide UI items
  3. Set primary hand (preselect throwing hand)
  4. Show stats in profile view per hand
  5. Show stats in the Disc view

If necessary I’d be willing to beta test/help make this thing come true.