Feature Request: Personal hole notes

Would love the ability to add personal notes to a hole that are visible when on that hole, similar to the general hole notes.

That way when I come back to a hole that I’ve added notes to previously, I am reminded what type of disc/shot/line I recommend. Like personal caddy notes.


Hi @sugarfree, thanks for joining the discussion here! Love this idea.This is not something our team has on the roadmap currently but we’ll be sure to keep this in mind for future updates.

It sounds you might already use this section, but you are able to save yourself a scorecard note on each round. This note is private to you and does not carryover like you’re suggesting, but just wanted to mention it as another resource. How do I write strategy tips for my practice rounds? : UDisc Support

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I also feel the lack of this feature. I just started using Google Keep for this today. It worked out pretty well. I plan to make one note for each course, just to keep notes about suggested disc and throw type.


This is my most desired feature at the moment. I’ve also tried using other note keeping apps for this, especially on pre-tournament rounds, but having it all inside uDisc would be ideal!

Thanks you for the reply! And yes, I’ve given those scorecard notes a try but since it saves the notes to a specific round (not to the course or to the hole) it makes it hard to recall where the notes are located mid round.

Thank you both, @sugarfree & @kuhldad for expanding on this. Would you expect the notes to be saved at the course level, or rather for each layout?

As mentioned, this is not something our team plans to work on in the near future, but it’s helpful to know what your expected experience would be.

Saved to a course level would make the notes easier to find than the current round notes, but ideally the personal notes would be saved to the hole.

Personal notes for each pin position would be cool, but I’d be super happy to just have personal notes per hole.


Yeah I’d say to the hole. That way if I play 9 or 18 holes I’ll still get the note on that hole.


Really appreciate the conversation around this here. We’ll keep this in mind for future updates!