Feature request: Putting distance slider from 0 and up

Sometimes the GPS can be a bit wonky. This seems to be especially true in some hilly courses in my area and it doesn’t seem to be matter weather we’re using Android or iOS. When I mark that a disc has landed in the basket uDisk either gives me a few options on distances or, in extreme cases, presents a slider that has 20 meters (60ft) as the shortest option. Usually when I get this option it’s just a regular 3 or maybe 6 meter (9ft or 18ft) put and the GPS has been acting up. So it currently looks like I’m a master putter. I’d prefer if the slider allowed full control starting at 0.
Similarly, the options presented instead of the distance slider are often too high so a 3 meter (9ft) put can only be marked down as minimum of 10 meter (30ft) puts.

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