Feature Request: Tags and payouts

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Thank you for creating this forum - I’m excited about it and it’ll be nice to not just hassle our local UDisc employees (thank you Hanna and Alex for tolerating our many questions the past two years :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I just figured I would request a feature for tracking Tags and doing Payouts and see how other league managers felt about the need for these features.

Tags: This year, we have opted not to do tags, but it would be nice to indicate which league attendees are tag holders and which are not. Then when the event is over, we know who gets what tag. I had a spreadsheet that helped me do this.

Payouts: The other big thing is payouts. Right now I have made a shiny app that takes the csv file generated after league and automatically calculates our payouts. This works quite well, but it would be even better if something like this was rolled into UDisc itself. It’s a bit inflexible and clunky the way I have set it up, because I am not a software engineer…just a hack who knows a bit of R.

Anyway - in any event, I am really grateful and excited for all of the improvements to leagues that were made between last year and this year.

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I agree this function would be amazing for leagues with tags. Having a public document or list on who took what tag would be a big help to our league. Especially towards the end of the year when players like to hide out with the low tags!

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This is a great opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas. Thank you for creating this platform.
I am now running all of our weeklies,tagroynds, and other small events on udisc. I have gotten some participant pushback but overall well accepted. The vouple things i would love to see functional is a bag tag function and pay out.
The bag tags is a little complicated but shouldbe pretty direct. I found an app that is called “simple bag tag round”, i add the players names, thier entering tag and thier final score and it automatically tells me what tag the leave with. A couple notes, it has to calculate through all divisions, and has to give the option to say they dont have a tag.
The payout side wouldbe amazing.i just recently made a chart with volumn for number of players, equals total payout, and breakdown (from the internet) for how many and how much get paid (i.e. 10 plays means $50 total payout, pay to the top 3 places with x, y , z amount.
It wouldveamazing yo do all of thisin udisc. Right now, if im not at league everyonegets overwhelmed, but if its on Udisc i could help from a distance and others vould see the process. Again, thank you for all that you do and this opportunity.


I fully agree on the tags. I wrote a Discord bot to help with that but having the ability to set which league player has what tag and have the tag re-assigned based on scores at the end of the league round would be much better.

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As a temporary workaround, you could use the “pay” field of the leaderboard to callout who got which tag

Love this idea, as well. We have a group of players who have our own group tags that we play for (as long as there are 3 or more tag holders present). Would love to have UDisc able to track tags and even provide the reassignment of tags after a round ends.

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I concur. Having tags entered on check in and auto assigned based on score when scores are finalized would be an easy and AMAZING addition to the app and web versions.

We desperately need the feature to track and assign tags. Our club avoided UDisc for the longest time because a local cobbled together a custom website to do this simple task. That website no longer functions and now we’re reduced to running a google spreadsheet or a paper list of tag holders for our weeklies. Please! and thanks. -Andy

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Over the years our club has used paper lists, a pinned facebook post, and a custom web app to track tags. But all of the methods have required players to report any swaps that they might do at other tournaments or during impromptu rounds. It’s never worked well.

I don’t even play tags, but for the sake of all the frustrating admin in our club, I would love to see UDisc facilitate this.

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Actually, UDisc could run their own global tags, like what folks tried to coordinate on /r/discgolf back in the day.

They could get some fantastic stats and stories out of tracking how the tags disseminate slowly around the world.

I believe the tag feature could be a whole other app or integrated in completely… imagine playing your friend for (digital) tags and at the end if you loose, you “tap” phones (face ID?) and the UI switches tags… you could see where/when you tagged up or tagged down… you could hold multiple tags for different leagues/clubs… obviously if it integrated into Udisc scoring, that would be GREAT but making tags easier to handle is a step in the right direction.

For my league we have discussed tags with QR codes so they are numberless, just assigned a value at the end of each league round. Havent moved forward on it yet.