Filtering "My course stats" by week, 30 days, 2023, and all

I mostly play the same course and have been since I started playing disc golf 2 years ago. I have played 425 rounds at that course. When I view “My course stats,” it obviously has my stats for every round I played at the course. I have gotten significantly better over the past 2 years. I would like to see what my stats have been over different periods of time, like this past week, the last 30 days, 2023, and all, just like you can view the leaderboard rounds. This seems like an easy update since you have these filters already. Thanks!

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Your profile page in UDisc can filter your stats using those more incremental time frames. If you mostly play the same course, then it will be fairly indicative of your performance there.

Those are your C1X, GIR, Scramble type stats. Is it that you want to also see specific hole stats within those more defined time frames?


I thought I had responded to this. The problem with the current system is that I play half of my rounds from the front tees and half from the back tees. So, looking at my stats over the past 30 days doesn’t distinguish between the back tees and the front tees, but instead lumps them together since it is at the same course. This seems like such a simple feature addition. I have seen several other people request the same thing.

Just to add to this: I agree that under “course overview” - “my stats”, where you get to see your average score for the course and also hole-by-hole stats, it would be nice to be able to filter those stats based on “last 10”, “last 20”, “calendar year”, etc. I find the stats in this view are more relevant to me than the ones under “profile” - “my stats”, since the “profile” stats lump together different courses, 9-hole results and 18-hole results, etc. In contrast, I look at the hole-by-hole stats under “course overview” a lot, so a filter would be very handy.

Great app!