Flag an event as happening that’s not listed?

So the British DGA Championships are happening right now at Croydon Disc Golf in Lloyd Park.

However, no one has added it to UDisc, and as they are using PDGA live scoring, the live course traffic says the place is quiet. But a shotgun start of 68 players is not a quiet course.

Obviously, neither the TDs nor CAs added the event to the UDisc listing. Don’t come at me, I understand that TDs are busy!

So it would be nice if we could use a flag button on the course listing to report that an event is taking place. This could highlight that there is a possible course event happening. Maybe the highlight becomes more prominent when a threshold of reports is reached, or if reported by a trusted user?

Keep up the good work.

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Along those same lines, it would be great to be able to add non-disc golf events to the calendar so people know when the course may be fully closed or some holes closed. We have a lot of cross-country meets this time of year that use parts of disc golf courses and several of the courses in the area are closed for park district events.

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Thank you both for this feedback! Please keep in mind that anyone, not just TDs or CAs, can add an event to UDisc. If you are aware of an event happening that has not yet been added, please feel free to add it at Find Disc Golf Tournaments & Events Near You | UDisc Events | UDisc.

Additionally, when adding an event there is an option to select ‘Other event (not disc golf)’. If you have any other questions or feedback though, please let us know!

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Thanks for the reminder @marky

I have added events for others previously, but then it lists me as an event contact. Is it possible to hide myself in such scenarios? Just to avoid confusion never mind to protect my inbox. Cheers.

PS. I still like the flag idea for situations when you know there is an event but you don’t know the details etc.

Hey Matt, when you are listing an event, on the Staff page you can click on the trash can icon next to your name and remove yourself as staff. This is a great option if you are listing an event that you aren’t affiliated with. If you happen to know the UDisc username for the connected staff, they can be added in your place from this screen as well.

Absolutely, I also love the idea of being able to report that a course is busier than indicated, or that an unlisted event is happening. I passed this suggestion along to the rest of the team!

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Ah, thanks, I don’t know why I didn’t try to remove myself earlier. I waited until I knew the details of the event organiser.

I presume if they come along to list their event, after I have added it, that they would need to email UDisc to get editing permissions for the listing? Although I guess they might just add a duplicate listing,

Yeah, if a TD tries to list an event that is a duplicate, they will be alerted. They can then reach out to us and we’ll add them as staff to their event so they can control the details.