Full Rounds - Total Rounds

A few update requests:

  1. Can you add some sort of color code to indicate rounds not included in profile stats for quick viewing?

  2. On the profile page, the Total Rounds and Full Rounds should be clickable so you can view which rounds are included in each category.

  3. Aces Optionally included in profile stats - when you register an Ace on a round, no matter if it’s an include in profile stats or not, should have the ability to include or exclude on the Ace list in profile. That way if you’re playing dubs for example, and you get an Ace, you can track it to count in your stats, or if you’re the other partner who didn’t get the Ace, it can be excluded.


Hi @scotthowardmn thanks for contributing here!

Really great suggestions. Our team is always looking to improve the stats section of the profile tab, so we’ll be sure to keep this feedback in mind when doing so.

In terms of #2, the Total Rounds and Full Rounds should be clickable and will lead you to the best round recorded within the selected time frame (e.g., last 10, 2024). If this isn’t the case, please uninstall, reinstall, and log back in. If you’re still running into issues, please email a screen recording of the issue to help@udisc.com and we can look into this!