Full stats scoring on Apple Watch

Scoring on my Apple Watch is so convenient. It’s one of the reasons why I got one. If we could get the Full Stats scoring option available on Apple Watch I could also get the benefit of tracking my stats over time.

Thanks for providing a forum for feedback. Keep up the good work!


Along with that, have the distances listed right there on the screen too so I don’t have to pull out my phone at all during the round! Apple Watch needs some love.


Distance was added a couple months ago. Update to the latest version!

We do have plans to rebuild the Apple Watch app. It hasn’t gotten a proper update in quite a while because Apple has essentially changed the way you must build Apple Watch apps, which means we need to do a full re-write of all the code to add anything substantially new. More to come here.


Thanks for the update Matt,
I should have been more specific, obviously the hole distance is helpful but I was more talking about the distance to the pin after a throw, so I can know which disc to pull out without having to pull out my phone and check. More for longer holes were I’m not driving to an upshot every time.

Glad to hear apple watch is getting some love, sorry to hear apple is making it harder on you!

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Yes, i really hope we can have that feature.
Would love to be able to see how far I am from the teepad also, but bare minimum would be distance to pin.

Being able to add full throwing stats would be amazing also

More updates are planned to modernize the experience and add new features.