GPS Adjustments?

I wonder if there is any way to recallibrate the GPS or BlueDot function on the map? For instance, standing at the head of the tee pad for hole one the player could hit a button to center the map to where i am. The reason being that I’m always off by a diagonal of at least a few yards or more. I think it would be a great update to do a live recalibration if i knew how…does this already exist?

Hi Scott, UDisc utilizes the GPS service of your device. There are a few reasons that a reading may not be accurate, and this article contains some tips to hopefully help in this regard. However, since UDisc simply relies on the GPS of you phone, there is no way to make it more accurate. Some devices additionally have a way to recalibrate the compass, instructions on how to do this can often be found online, and this may help in getting a more accurate GPS location.

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