GPS in Map Manager?

Would love to have the ability to see my GPS location on the map when in Map Manager. This would be incredibly helpful when repositioning tee pads and baskets that were originally placed in incorrect locations while also helping it ensure UDisc measures and records throw locations and putts from C1 and C2 to be more precise based on the GPS accuracy at the course itself. Is this possible? Since you can see your location on the map while playing a round, I would think it would be possible to add that as at least a toggle able option in map manager too.

This is definitely possible! I will link our help article here with information on how to use your GPS location while working in the Map Manager.

Those are instructions for adding new targets and tee pads. Can that be activated to just update positions of existing targets and tees?

When repositioning an existing element, the option to use your location should appear then as well. If you have any issues though, please let us know!