Here you can find all the tutorials related to using the UDisc App!

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How about the first time user basics? For the most part, it’s pretty intuitive. I played my very first round of disc golf in over three decades today and used UDISC. I figured out how scoring worked for the most part but when I started tracking shots by plotting on the map, i couldn’t figure out how to score the last shot. I ended up figuring out if I just clicked to add a shot (+ button next to score) it would ask where the shot ended up and I could select in the basket. Thought that was an odd way to do it but it makes more sense now. Is that even the correct way to end a hole?
Also, I played a very easy beginner level 9 hole course that was not as described on the UDISC map or the on course map. There were supposed to be two baskets on each hole but there was only one. Most of the time , the target I was supposed to be shooting for on UDISC wasn’t the one that was actually there. How can you update or change targets during a round?

Hey @italktoplanets, that’s a great idea, thanks. I will add it to the list of new videos we hope to get recorded. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback here. I will link below a couple of helpful knowledge base articles for you as well!