Hole handicaps on score cards

I’m new to this site, but with all the data collected, I’m sure this feature must be present somewhere and I’m just missing it.

In ball golf, the scorecard shows every hole’s handicap based on average score above par so that the “toughest” and @easiest” holes are readily visible. Surely, that’s available somewhere that I’ve missed.

Hi Randy, Thank you for posting! While we don’t currently have a hole’s “handicap” there is a UDisc Pro benefit that shows the Global Average Hole Score within the scorecard. You can read more about it here: Loading... If you have further questions, please reach out to us at help@udisc.com. Best, Becky Kate

Thank you for the info. I am a UDisc Pro member and didn’t know about this. But the big question is how I can see this information after the fact, rather than while I’m playing a round. Just keeping track of the scores and trying to find the next tee during a round is far more interfacing than I want to do with my phone, so I would like to have access to this info afterwards (and, more importantly, from the desktop version of the website). I don’t analyze such info during play–that’s for the after action session.