How can i score Mulligans?


I am trying to organize a mulligan challenge and have some problems/questions that I hope you can help me with.

A few points about the mulligan challenge:

Its a League Event.

It will be played in doubles you can switch players in your division as much as you want. But you can play only a round per day.

Players are given a target to hit on a hole (birdie or better) and play until they finish. 10 Mulligan max.

It is played every day for about 4 weeks.

How can I count the mulligans correctly, is there an option to count the mulligans?

Because scorecards dont finish if you enter 0 for example at a Par3.

maybe somebody as an answer.

greets filipe

Filipe, an example may help me understand what you are trying to accomplish.
If I’m understanding correctly, every day for 4 weeks a player might play doubles with someone else (potentially 28 different partners). During each round there is one hole where there is a goal to achieve. For example an eagle on hole #7. So while our doubles team plays hole # 7 if they do not get an eagle, they can replay the hole (up to 10 times) trying to get that eagle. If they don’t make the eagle after trying 10 times playing the hole, they continue on playing the round (and take their lowest score on hole #7?).

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It’s a whole round in which you have to hit a target on every hole, which is always a birdie.
You play the hole with your partner. Both throw from the tee, if they think they can make the birdie from there they go to the lie, if not they take a mulligan and throw from the tee again until they think they can make the birdie, if they throw 5 from the tee and need 2 putts from the lie they take a 7. Now I have the problem of scoring. If they don’t need a mulligan for a hole, it’s 0, and if you put 0 on the scorecard, you can’t finish the round.

it says finished on the scorecard but you are not able to make a new scorecard.

Are you able to just adjust the scoring such that a uDisc Ace is equal to 0 mulligans? The new lowest possible full round score would be 18 instead of 0.

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yes i could do that, but i have to communicate that. it’s just getting too complicated. i had already played the format and evaluated it via metrix, if you know this webapp, but there i had the problem that players couldn’t log in themselves when they were on the course. i would have been there all day for 4 weeks :slight_smile: but there i could create a layout with par0 which helped a lot. i already talked to udsic-help, they understand it but don’t support layouts with par0 for now. maybe in the future for more customized stuff like this. i guess i have to take your advice but i’m not sure if people will understand hahahah

but you gave me a really good idea. if 0 mulligan used on a normal par3 would mean that all bogeys are counted as mulligans. so if a player needs 2 mulligans to finish the hole he finishes with a 5, he will end up being +2. also, the correct score is displayed from top to bottom on the leadboard. i think this is the best solution and actually easy to understand for someone playing for the first time.

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