👤 How do I update my username, email address, PDGA number or password?

If you would like to edit any of your profile information, this can be done in the app from the Profile tab. While logged in to your UDisc account go to Profile and tap Edit in the top right corner. Here you will see the option to make edits to your full name, player name, UDisc username, and email address. You can also link your PDGA number to your UDisc account and request a password reset email on this page. After editing any field that you wish to change, tap Save in the top right to complete your update.

Please note: UDisc usernames must be all lowercase, 6-15 characters, contain no spaces or special characters, cannot contain profanities or obscene language, and cannot begin with a number. Additionally, be aware that you are limited to three username changes in the app.

Hi again, we can definitely help with that. Reach out to us at help@udisc.com with your UDisc username and PDGA number and let us know you want it disconnected. We’ll be more than happy to help!