How do you use Map Manager in a location that does not have cell coverage?

I am the course ambassador for a course in the mountains where there is no cell coverage. I used Map Manager to fine tune the locations of the tee pads and targets and it seemed to work great. However, once I got back to cell coverage it had only recorded one of the 40+ changes I made. Is using a gps device to record locations/coordinates then manually updating within Map Manager the only option?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for contributing to the community. When you are mapping a course where there is no cell coverage, I think the best way to be successful there would be:

  1. Set up your Map Manager to the best of your ability from a desktop. Complete all the tees and targets and submit your changes. Once they are approved, you can create a Smart Layout with those elements.
  2. Open up the Smart Layout on your app, and scroll through the holes to make sure the map is downloaded while you have service. Don’t close the app completely after that.
  3. Once you get to the course where you don’t have great service, you should still be able to open the Smart Layout map and tap Edit in the upper right.
  4. Reposition your tees and targets as needed. (Your GPS may not work super well to get your precise location in an area like that.)
  5. When finished, tap Finish and then Save for later.
  6. Once you have service again, if you open up that Smart Layout map, you will see the Finish option still there. This time, tap Finish and then Submit for Review. Once we get that approved for you, your map should be good to go.

If you need any more help with this, please let me know. As always, feel free to reach out to if there is anything we can do.

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Thank you! I did all of that but I don’t think I chose Save for Later. I will try that!

If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to let me know! We will help however we can!