🔔 How to turn on notifications for specific topics

Do you find yourself regularly checking for updates or new responses on the same topics? Or maybe you’ve found a great post in the Product Feedback category and you want to be notified if any other good ideas are shared in the comments?

Following the instructions below you can set up your notifications for specific topics:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the comment section on the topic
  2. Click on the notification drop-down settings
  3. Choose from Watching, Tracking, Normal or Muted

Watching - you will be notified of any new replies and see the new reply count
Tracking - you will see the new reply count, but only be notified if someone replies directly to you or @-mentions you
Normal - you will be notified only if someone replies directly to you or @-mentions you. You will not see the new reply count.
Muted - you will not receive any notifications on this topic.

Once you complete this, your preferences for notifications on that specific topic will be saved.