Introducing....UDisc Teams

Have you seen the news?!
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team! Whether cleaning up your partner’s whiff on a tap-in, or splitting your ace pot winnings 50/50, a good teammate means that everyone wins forever.
UDisc Events now supports Teams format events (eg. Doubles, Triples, and more) with registration, multi-round cumulative scoring, and leaderboards. Whether you’re running a random dubs or bring-your-own-partner tournament, players will feel part and parcel of your local disc golf community when you set it all up on UDisc.


So, does this only apply to new events created, or is it retroactive to allow for current teams events that are happening?

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@meatpopsicle Great question! This release applies to any event that is currently created and waiting to be played. If you have any questions you begin set up, please check out these related articles - UDisc Teams Event Registration : UDisc Support & How can I manage scorecard groupings for a doubles event? : UDisc Support - and as well feel free to reach out to us at

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