Is there a way to sort photos?

After loading photos to the course I am an ambassador for, I can assign them to specific holes but despite assigning them to each hole in order (assign tee photo, then fairway photo, then target photo), they don’t always show up in that order. Is the order random or can we adjust the name of the photo or caption to get it in the proper order, something like:
Hole 1- Photo 1 (tee)
Hole 1- Photo 2 (fairway)
Hole 1- Photo 3 (target)

Just trying to make this more useful to players since being able to put this in a specific order will make the app better!

And yes, I see this question already asked but it really hasn’t been answered directly and I can’t seem to be able to reply to an existing thread such as Can there be a feature added to set all photos in a specific order?

Thanks Team UDisc!

I believe the order is via star count in descending order, from the last time I went down the rabbit hole of trying to sort my course pics neatly.