Issues with throws display map

At some point a while back, the satellite image showing my recorded throws stopped displaying. I contacted support and no remedy was suggested.
Curious to find out if anyone else has this issue and if it was diagnosed.

Hey Michael,
This is a bug that we experienced quite a while ago, but has since been fixed. Are you still having problems here? I found an old ticket from you, but it looks like we responded at the time. Can you check for me and make sure you are on the latest version of UDisc? Do all of your recorded throws look like this currently, or only ones from a specific date range? If you want to reach out to me at we can definitely see what might be going wrong here.

I have the latest version and all throws fail to display.

Are you experiencing any issue with other maps within the app?

  • course search
  • scoring
  • measure throw
  • etc

Hey @theguru22,
Did you see the question from one of our developers? Are you experiencing any issues with any other maps within the app?

No. Course maps display properly. It’s just every recorded throw that doesn’t show an image.

@theguru22 , sorry for the delay!
Looked into this a bit today and I am not seeing anything on our side that would cause this. Only running theory is that your throw data was corrupted in the database on your device or Google maps is having an issue with the tiles at that location.

Could you try deleting the app and reinstalling and see if that resolves the issue?