Leaderboards Update: Player's best score only

Leaderboards have now updated to only show each player’s best score, instead of every top score ever achieved. This change makes more space for all players, because we all know making it onto the layout leaderboard is making it big-time.

If you’d like to see where your most recent hot round stacks up seasonally, use the time-centered filters (Day, Week, 30 Days, or Year) to break down the best performances on this layout of late. Feel free to reach out to help@udisc.com or respond in this conversation with any suggestions you may have for future leaderboard improvements!


While well-intended, I really dislike this change. It’s fun going to the leaderboards to see how my best rounds are spread out over time, as well as how many times I’ve achieved a given score. Similarly, it’s fun to look through the leaderboards to see how many times the best players in my area have shot awesome rounds (Was it a one-off? Do they shoot that well all the time?). If there’s a single awesome score at a local course, I have no idea if it’s legit, or a player taking liberties with scoring. If they shoot well all the time, I take that score more seriously.

Stats are what make UDisc pro worth it, and I feel that this change makes it more difficult to view the stats that I care about.


The sensible solution seems to be a toggle for the two possible behaviors.


I agree with this. The change is good otherwise the people that play all the time take up the whole leaderboard

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