Leage leaderboard with averages please!

Mdge 2023 league has went well. A couple of things i would love to see is the ability for administration to fix scores when an error happens

But most importantly… we run a league that is based off averages and the end of the year we have a hi/lo league party. (Best average is teamed up w lowest average, second highest to second lowest and so on. I would love the “leaderboard” to just be an ongoing updated league averages.

Its been a great season. Thank you Udisc

Also maybe each hole could be assigned to a prize like long putt and ctp so it appears hole to hole. That maybe too much work just talking out loud

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Hi Mike,

Thanks contributing to this space! Some really great ideas here that we’ll keep safe for future updates. There are some pieces that are currently possible in Leagues that I wanted to highlight.

  1. League Admin are able to fix scores. If you head to your League Tools, click Scoring, then choose the event you’d like to edit, you’ll see a button that says Unlock Event. Here you can click into each of the individual boxes with scores and edit hole-by-hole. You can also click the Pencil to Set DNF, Delete Entry, or Unlock Scorecard.
  2. Standings are a great option for season-long performance. If you haven’t used the Standing feature in Leagues, I’d recommend it! Standings are a way to view overall performance within a League for a set amount of time. This article digs into it a bit more: With standings enabled, how are points calculated? : UDisc Support. This may not be exactly what you’re looking for with averages, but could be a nice option for now.

Again, thank you for adding to this space and please don’t hesitate to keep adding ideas like these to the Product Feedback section!