League feature requests

I’ve run a few leagues through UDisc now and here are some quality of life improvements I’ve thought of:

  • Link to the league info page from old scorecards: Most of my recent scorecards are from our weekly doubles, I would like to be able to find a link in that score card that took me to the relevant league page so that I can check the scheduled events and what not.

  • Duplicate previous event. Our weekend league runs almost weekly. We drop it for bigger tournaments, when the city closes all the roads for a marathon etc, or most importantly if there are no volunteers available. So we list the events one at a time, it would be great to essentially copy & paste previous events.

  • Custom settings for repeating events. We alternate between long and shorts for our doubles league. However, scheduling a series events only allows a single layout to be used. It would be great if we could alternate layouts. Or if we could schedule the league to run every fortnight, then we could offset two series to achieve the same thing.

  • In an ideal scenario, where I could create a league that alternates layouts, when I need to cancel an event the league would automatically adjust to maintain the alternating pattern of Shorts, Longs, Shorts, Longs…

  • On the leaderboard, it would be great if it highlighted when a team won the ace pot. It celebrates the moment and helps people keep track of how big the pot might be. This would need to be confirmed by an admin, and not automatic, as some choose not to pay into the pot.

  • League achievements. As standings are often irrelevant to a random dubs format, it would be great if the app could still track player achievements in the league. Like most aces, most wins, most played etc.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I really appreciate the league feature in UDisc. :grinning:

Anyone else got any good ideas?