League Standings for Team Formats


I run a random doubles league through udisc and it works great. But I’d love to be able to use the league standings feature which is not available as the league is a team format. Are there any plans to make league standings available for team formats?

I see others have asked about using a custom scoring system for leagues. It seems like if this were implemented it could act as a workaround for team scoring too. Are there any plans for custom league scoring?


Hey @jjjohn, thanks for contributing to the community!

There are no immediate plans for this, but we do have some fun Leagues updates in the near future. Appreciate the feedback - we’ll make sure to hold onto this for future updates.

How would standings work for teams in your league? Would teams stay the same through the entire league or do some players join new teams at various times?

The way my league works points are earned by individual players.
Obviously that means you earn the same amount of points as your playing partner for each event, but because your partner changes every week there will eventually be separation between the individual players.

I use the same sort of points system that the udisc individual standings use ie you get points based on the number of teams you beat that week.