Leagues are in bloom!

You may have noticed some small format changes to the web view of your League home page yesterday. This is just the beginning, as UDisc is hatching some big improvements to the Leagues and Events platform this season. Peep the full bloom of functionalities soon, which will include flex start format support, pre-registration and multi-round league events, plus a few more options for event listing and card management.


Love the changes but it seems like there might be a few bugs as it wont let you update, save or create a new event under your league dashboard. Any eta on when this should be fixed?

You’re right, thanks for mentioning. We just deployed fixes for these issues (15 min ago). If any other issues are still happening, let us know!

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Still having issues on desktop creating a league event for the week or updating already created league events.

I worked with @bkeller3 and figured out there was another issue with a subset of leagues that had custom divisions with only 1 or 2 characters (e.g. A, B). This is now fixed to allow custom division keys of just 1 or 2 characters.

thank you so much for figuring that out! Appreciate it, Scott :slight_smile: