Let Paying Customers See All On Leaderboards

With recent changes to increase prices on UDisc, I have seen leaderboards diminish in my area. I understand that this is a premium feature you need to pay to access, but I feel in a small way paying customers are impacted by seeing less players on the leaderboard, though many more are playing than show up on Udisc. I have friends and family members that sadly won’t pay, but still record rounds on Udisc. It would be nice if those paying for the pro version could see all leaders and rounds, even those of new players, non paying users, past users, etc. Take away their ability to see, but let the paying customers see ALL.


I disagree. If they want on the boards, pay for the app. Granted, I think the app price should be around $20 though.

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I think you may have misunderstood my request. I am not suggesting to give non payers access to the leaderboard, in fact I agree with you that they shouldn’t see it. But I do know many non paying Udisc users that still keep track on Udisc and I think I should still be able to see how I did compared with them as a paying customer.


What you are seeing is that they are now only showing the best score for each player on the leaderboard.

I have posted a request to be able to toggle to either see only the best score or all the scores. It would be nice to see all of your scores for that course / layout on the leaderboard thru a toggle function

Sinkmt3 - What you are talking about is a different feature, and I actually like just seeing a person’s best round vs 50 rounds for the same person. This allows more people to appear on the leaderboard.

Let me try to make this clearer. I have a few friends that will not pay for Udisc, but they track their rounds. They should not get to see how they did on the leaderboard, as it is now, but why can’t paying Udisc members not see their rounds on the leaderboard? Right now I cannot see non paying scores and want to be able to see how I stacked up against all players who tracked their rounds.

Right now nobody can see non paying Udisc player rounds. I’m requesting that paying customers get that visibility for all rounds tracked.


My wife doesn’t want people to see her rounds. LoL. That’s one of the reasons she doesn’t pay for the app. There’s times when I wish they couldn’t see mine, too :wink:

Anyone can choose to hide themselves from leaderboards, if they wish. See the Account Privacy page:

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The Show On Leaderboard option should remain in tact